Laminate Care & Maintenance

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General information

about laminate flooring care and maintenance

Sweep, dust, or vacuum your laminate floors regularly to prevent dirt and grit from scratching or dulling the finish. Do not wash or wet mop the floor with soap, water, or liquid detergent, as this can cause swelling or warping and void the warranty. Your laminate floors will also never need to be buffed or polished.

Dealing with laminate

spills and stains

When spills occur on your laminate floors, blot them up immediately using a damp cloth. Even if you choose a moisture-resistant laminate product, you should never allow liquids to stand on your floor for too long. Tougher spots such as oil, paint, makeup, ink, or tar may require an acetone or nail polish remover applied to a clean cloth. Avoid scrubbing with steel wool or other abrasives.

Laminate Care & Maintenance | Dary Carpet & Floors
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